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Home Solutions For A Better, Safer, And Happier Life.

Find effective solutions for your household problems and live your best life. Our products are non-toxic and use breakthrough technology that is safe to use around your family & pets.

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The Ozzi Home Difference

We’re committed to creating home solutions that are effective, inexpensive, and safe to use around your family and pets. Ozzi Home brings comfort and peace of mind to your life, one product at a time.

Family-friendly Products

Our products are made with your entire family in mind. Small children, pets, and elderly people can all benefit from Ozzi Home solutions. We don’t use any harsh chemicals in our products and every device is built with safety in mind. 

Engineered For A Better Life

At Ozzi Home you’ll find products that are effective, easy to use, and improve your quality of life. No more complicated products that only cost you money. We want you to have more money and time to live your best life. 

Better For The Environment

Ozzi Home is a company that strives to make a positive impact on the environment with durable, non-toxic, and cruelty-free products. We’re on a mission to provide you with a better life while creating a sustainable future for the generations to come.


Our Story

The owners of the business (Paul & Will) were living in Tampa and each year they would struggle with all types of house problems, especially bugs, during the hot summers of Florida. 

Tired of never finding a great solution in the market, they decided to create their own solutions, solutions that really WORKED. That’s how the Ozzi Mozzie Zapper was born, and with its success, other products followed, and Ozzi Home was created.

With years of R&D in pest control, cleaning, and house safety, Ozzi Home is on a mission to create solutions for all types of house problems, and help Americans live a better, safer life.

Today, countless customers across the globe love the formulas and devices we create - from our best-selling Mosquito Zapper to the Fire Extinguisher, Pest Concentrate, and many other effective, purpose-driven products.

Our biggest secret? We use our own products, so we only create things that really work!

Real Families. Real Results.

Our Home Solutions are used and loved by 30,000+ happy customers and counting! Don’t take it from us. Here’s what Ozzi Home customers have to say:

Ozzi Home: The Perfect Home Solutions For You And Your Loved Ones!

  • Your Family Living Better & Safer

  • Premium Quality Products

  • No Toxic Chemicals

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions

  • Children- and Pet-Friendly

  • Cruelty-Free Products

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